40+ years of combined AAA Level Game, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Product, Marketing, Distribution, Social Influencer , Data Analytics and Media production.

A partial list of past and current clients above

Executive Team

Noble A. DraKoln
Chief Executive Officer

Noble A. DraKoln started out as a futures/commodities broker at the age of nineteen trading the E-mini S&P, gold futures contracts, and treasury bond strips. Since that time he has authored the Wiley & Sons published best-selling books Winning the Trading Game and Trade Like a Pro. Over the span of his twenty year career he has traded stocks, options, and futures for himself and clients. His books have been translated into multiple languages, he has been a keynote speaker around the world, contributing writer to dozens of magazine, and a radio and T.V. financial commentator.

Along the way he has been involved in multiple tech startups as both a consultant, investor and director. In the early days of the conversion from paging to full digital cellular networks, from TDMA to CDMA, he successfully ran a venture that made mergers and acquisitions in thee 900mHz, 150mHz, and 450mHz spectrum’s. At the introduction of DVDs he successfully ran and sold off a VHS to DVD conversion studio, and he has been a part of guiding, consulting, and assisting in financing internet startups in both Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 phases.

Paul Jesus Limon
Chief Creative Officer

Started his career in the early years of Blizzard Entertainment, where the company was still a small developer of 30.   Had the opportunity to help shape the look, feel, story of Blizzards cinematics, as wells as developing and creating main characters like Tyreal for the Diablo franchise.  Consulted on multiple game projects from Harry Potter, to Men in Black while represented by one of the three largest talent agencies CAA.   Headed up a 10 million a month .com company’s gaming division before launching into mobile and social game development for clients like MGM, Paramount and Sony.