Future of Augmented Reality

Arvada Labs, LLC a small AR/VR incubator company based out of Garden Grove, California are brewing up a storm. They have several unique augmented reality developments that are patent pending. They have garnished the attention of several local angel investors and are gearing up for first round of seed capital of $3-4 million.

Arvada Labs, LLC stands out from the majority of the augmented reality and virtual reality companies because they focus on the story, not the gimmick of augmented reality, as seen by their upcoming augmented reality TV show “Augmented Breakdown”.

A fast, fun, and innovative show “Augmented Breakdown” puts augmented reality inside of your toys, your products, your comic books, and so much more. Arvada Labs, LLC uses “Augmented Breakdown” to show both their nimble technology as well as to showcase how a story can be told in a fun and exciting way when augmented reality plays a successful supporting role.

Make sure to visit Arvada Labs, LLC at this year’s, 2017’s, San Diego Comic Con to see their show and demo their augmented reality technology. Look for them in the program.